On Site Testing Specialists

Available Now Oratect The First FDA 510K CLEARED ON-SITE SALIVA TEST





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O.S.TS products and Services

All Urinalysis Tests are: CLIA WAIVED and FDA APPROVED


On-Site Testing Specialists is NOT just a distributor of drug testing supplies. We offer extensive support in the drug testing arena at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to our clients. We are the premier AUTHORIZED distributor of Branan Medical’s line of drug testing products.


On-Site Testing Specialists


Set up and Manage CLIA WAIVED facilities

Billing and Reimbursement by Insurance Companies

Experts in the Field of Substance Abuse

Leading the Arena of Oral Fluid Testing

Employee Substance Abuse Policies

Criminal Justice Department Needs

Ongoing Customer Support and Training

GCMS Confirmation Setup Available for all Tests.